Blacklick Creek Watershed Association (BCWA) is an independent, non-profit organization formed in 1993, providing a structure and focal point to improve the quality of the Blacklick Creek Watershed.

The Blacklick Creek watershed is 420 square miles in Indiana and Cambria counties. The largest streams are Blacklick, Twolick and Yellow Creeks.  Contribute to the Conemaugh River Drainage.  These and other streams are degraded by severe acid mine discharges.  Many streams within the watershed are polluted with high levels of metals and acidity.  There are many discharges from abandoned underground mines, poorly reclaimed surface mines and coal refuse piles.

The Association is organized to:

  • Promote conservation of watersheds natural resources.
  • Conduct educational & scientific investigation & research related to environment within and borders with the watershed.
  • logo5Distribute information regarding the resources of the watershed to interested parties and the general public.
  • Educate individuals and organizations in the value of stream controls.
  • Accelerate existing government programs and promote necessary conservation to those beneficial to the watershed.
  • Obtain assistance from various sources to develop and protect the watershed resources.
  • Accelerate existing governmental programs and promote additional programs for sound conservation. Practices, including acquisition, leasing, and development of lands in the watershed, in order to promote the watershed’s founding purposes.

The Association has the following objectives to:

  • Identify environmental problems of the Blacklick Creek Watershed.
  • Develop a watershed management program based on the results of past and continuing studies.
  • Promote local interest in the problems of natural resources conservation; the watershed will solicit local support on the programs developed to correct the problem conditions.
  • Develop beautification programs and recreational facilities.
  • Promote industrial and environmental harmony in the Blacklick Creek Watershed.