Richards System

There are three passive treatment systems built at the Richards site, identified as Systems 1, 2A and 2B.  The mine discharge is located on the opposite side of Route 403 and is piped under the road, where the discharge is split and a portion flows to each system.  Each system has a vertical flow pond where water percolates through a layer of compost and limestone.  Water from each of these ponds flows into settling ponds (System 1 has its own settling pond; Systems 2A and 2B flow into the same settling pond).  Treated water from all systems flows directly into the Two Lick Creek.  The Richards Project was constructed in 1999.  It is located in Commodore Township, Indiana County and was funded with a PaDEP Growing Greener grant and a Reclamation in Lieu of Penalty.  Water samples are collected on a quarterly basis and the results are posted on the Datashed website at