Penn Hills #2 Mine

The Penn Hills #2 passive treatment system treats one of three large discharges that are tributary to the Two Lick Reservoir, located about in the middle of the Two Lick Creek subwatershed of Blacklick Creek.  The  owners of the Homer City Power Plant originally constructed the reservoir to ensure a reliable source of water for use at the plant.  In addition to the Penn Hills #2 discharge, the Dixon Run Mine (treated by an active treatment plant) and the Penn Hills #1 Mine (currently not being treated) discharge into the reservoir.  The Penn Hills #2 Mine discharge is one of the largest discharges in the Two Lick watershed.  The Penn Hills #2 system was constructed through a partnership between BCWA and the Pennsylvania DEP using a combination of bond forfeiture monies and grants.  

There are three passive treatment systems built at the Penn Hills #2 Mine site that are identified as System 1, System 2A and System 2B.  The mine discharge is split and a portion flows to each system.  Each system has a vertical flow pond where water percolates through a layer of compost and limestone and flows into a settling ponds.  System 1 has it’s own settling pond; Systems 2A and 2B flow into the same settling pond.  Treated water from all systems flows directly into the reservoir.  The Penn Hills #2 project was constructed in 2002 and is located in Cherryhill Township, Indiana County.  Water samples are collected on a quarterly basis.  Reports, maps, photos, and water sampling results have been posted on the Datashed website at