Coal Pit Run Systems

BCWA constructed two passive treatment systems adjacent to the headwaters of Coal Pit Run, a tributary to the South Branch Blacklick Creek.  The systems are located north of Expedite Road, to the east of the village of Twin Rocks, in Blacklick Township, Cambria County.  Both systems were built in 2005.  The Lower Treatment System has been negatively impacted by some construction activities, which disrupted the flow into the system.  However, the Upper Treatment System continues to effectively treat water and enhances the water quality of the headwaters area of Coal Pit Run.  The Upper Treatment System consists of a collection pond, a vertical flow pond (containing crushed limestone and organic material) and a settling pond.    The Lower System was funded by the federal Office of Surface Mining (OSM) Watershed Cooperative Assistance  Program.  The Upper System was funded through an EPA Section 319 grant.   Reports, maps, photos, and water sampling results for both systems have been posted on the Datashed website at