Additional Links

Cambria County Conservation District – The Cambria County Conservation District provides environmental education, technical assistance in farming, permitting, and streams, and Dirt and Gravel Road programming to the residents of Cambria County. 

Cambria County Conservation & Recreation Authority – The Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority provides information about recreational opportunities like hiking, biking, and outdoor recreation in Cambria County. 

Conemaugh Valley Conservancy – The Conemaugh Valley Conservancy participates in land preservation, watershed monitoring (through award-winning Stream Team), environmental education, and trail development. The Conservancy is located in the Kiski-Conemaugh River Valley.

Evergreen Conservancy – Evergreen Conservancy is a non-profit land trust located in Indiana County. The Conservancy is involved in watershed sampling, abandoned mine discharge remediation, environmental education programming, and the Indiana County EcoTour and GeoTrail. 

Indiana County Conservation District – The Indiana County Conservation District provides technical assistance for farmers, permitting, and watershed issues, manages the Dirt and Gravel Road programming, and environmental education programming like the Indiana County Jr. and Sr. Envirothon.

Indiana County Parks and Trails – The Indiana County Parks and Trails run the Indiana County park system that consists of 2,700 acres of parks, natural areas, and historical sites. They also year-round facilities, environmental education programming, and rental facilities.  

Indiana County Tourist Bureau – The Indiana County Tourist Bureau manages and promotes the resources and events available to both residents and visitors of Indiana County. Check out their Calendar of Events for upcoming festivals and local events. 

PA Environment Digest – The PA Environment Digest is a publication edited by David E. Hess, former Secretary Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The PA Environment Digest is a great resource to find local and state-wide news regarding environmental updates, publications, and much more. 

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy – The primary Watershed Conservation office of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy is located in Indiana, PA. The Conservancy participates in numerous stream bank restoration projects , in-stream habitat work, riparian plantings, and much more. 

Western Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (WPCAMR) – WPCAMR works with watershed organizations, technical remediation experts, and government agencies to address streams and lands polluted by AMD and the coal mining history of Pennsylvania. WPCAMR works with the western counties of PA while EPCAMR focuses on the eastern region of PA.